The Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County was founded in 1992. Its mission is to preserve and promote Sephardic culture and the Ladino language, while providing educational and social activities.

Kon Dulce! May it be a sweet Year!
2019-2020 … 5780
Anyada Buena   L’Shana Tova   Happy New Year
Wishing you and all your loved ones the very best at this season.
From your Board of Directors

Special Notice FROM THE SFPBC:
April 2020
Dear Friends of The Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County,

In view of the current health situation and distancing regulations, we hope many of you took time to explore our  Passover page and our new Virtual Passover Seder page. While Passover had passed, we will keep this page available  for instructions and guidance on how to prepare a video-conference to connect children, grandchildren, and grandparents in spite of these difficult distancing times. In these difficult times, you can still all gather together to light Shabbat candles and say a Shabbat kiddush together — or just stay in touch.

We also encourage to try some of the Sephardic Digital Academy classes put together by our friends at The Sephardic Brotherhood of America. See our menu link at Sephardic Digital Academy. — And where there is a direct link to their web site for updates we may not even be aware of yet.

We particularly commend the Ladino classes by our friend Bryan Kirschen. See our menu link at Ladino Class.


May each of you stay safe and healthy,Salud i Vida,
Rose Allen,
President, SFPBC
September 2019
Dear Friends,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in our very exciting upcoming 2019-2020 season of programs. A wonderful slate of events not to be missed!

Your Membership Invitation/Renewal is enclosed and we urge you to respond, as soon as possible, to benefit from member admission rates and to help fund our activities. 

Our successful partnership with the Adult Jewish Learning Collaborative (ADJLC) continues this year expanding even greater public awareness of our activities as well as providing significant event expense savings.

Sunday Vijitas de Alhad this year include compelling lectures and a fantastic International Ladino Day Concert.  And our film series looks at the diversity of Sephardim in American history.

Thank you for your interest and support, especially to those who have been with us through so many years!  We have become an extended family which truly cares about each other, and we look forward again to another year of being together.

“Asta ke mos vemos, kon salud i vida.”       
“Until we see each other, with health and life.”

Miriam Behar, Membership/Secretary
Rose Pappo Allen, President

Click here to connect with our partners at Adult Jewish Learning Collaborative (ADJLC)