Tu B’Shevat, more commonly known among Sephardim Hamisha Asar B’Shevat in Hebrew or Las Frutas or Las Frutikas in Ladino.

A traditional Las Frutikas Seder can be found here in PDF.
This is an early 20th century Ladino poem about Las Frutikas which can be found here in PDF.
And, Miriam Behar led us all in this Ladino song for the holiday:
    1. Arvoles Yoran Por Luvia
Arvoles yoran por luvias
montanyas por ayres
Ansí lloran mis ojos
por ti querido amante
Lloro y digo qué va a ser de mí
En tierras ajenas me vo murirBlanca sos, blanca vistes
blanca la tu figura
Blancas flores caen de ti
De la tu hermozura
Lloro y digo …Deshojar quero una roza
y hacerme un vestido
Para irme a pasear con ti
mi querido
Lloro y digo …

Enfrente de mi hay un angelo
con tus ojos me mira
llorar quero y no puedo
mi corazón suspira
Lloro y digo …

Trees cry for rain
And mountains for air
That is how my eyes weep
For you, beloved
I weep and ask what will become of me
In a far away land I shall dieYou’re fair-skinned, you dress in white
Fair is your face
White flowers fall from you
From your beauty.
I weep …I wish to depetal a rose
And make a garment for myself
In order to go with you,
My dear.
I weep …

There is an angel in front of me
With your eyes he looks at me
I want to cry, but cannot
My heart sighs
I weep …