Sephardic Adventure Camp believes that the best way to strengthen a child’s Jewish background is to provide a Jewish playground. Sephardic Adventure Camp can be your child’s Sephardic Jewish playground.  Situated on the beautiful Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, they combine the best in American camping with a strong love for the Sephardic tradition. They offer children a summer filled with fun, friendships, laughter, excitement, adventure, and learning. Sephardic Adventure Camp provides a safe and healthy environment in which Jewish youngsters can explore and enjoy their world, while learning about their heritage and developing their senses of creativity, sportsmanship, and individuality.

While many of their campers reside in Washington state, SAC attracts campers from all around the United States and beyond including Vancouver BC., Oregon, California, Alaska, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and Israel. The program is 18 days in August (with an 8 day option for 3rd and 4th graders), so there is an opportunity to get your children or grandchildren to another Jewish camp closer by for July.

We at the Sephardic Federation of Palm Beach County support Sephardic Adventure Camp as the only Sephardic overnight camp in the United States. In this contemporary environment where so many of us have spread out across the country and to suburbs with no Sephardic synagogue, this is a way to connect your children or grandchildren with our Sephardic heritage in an enjoyable way that will preserve our heritage for generations to come. We encourage our members in Florida and our members from across the country who winter in Florida to support their efforts.

SAC 2022 dates are June 22nd  – July 11th

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