Sephardic Digital Academy

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Sephardic Digital Academy, a new national partnership to connect and educate our Sephardic community institutions, synagogues, Rabbis, educators, and members across the United States.

Our friends at The Sephardic Brotherhood are partnering with more than a dozen affiliated synagogues and institutions to bring you new weekly classes and series on Sephardic Torah, Halakha, traditions and customs, Ladino language instruction, Sephardic cooking, and so much more. All classes are FREE and open to all, with participation via zoom and live-streamed on their Facebook Page and posted on their Youtube Channel. As they continue to connect and develop new programs, we will be updating you on  additions to the class schedule, including finalizing an online calendar for easy access. We hope that this new program will help you feel a little more connected to our Sephardic Community, identity, history, and heritage.

Click Here for their web page ==> Sephardic Digital Academy

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sephardic Digital Academy, including opportunities for sponsorship or becoming a contributing educator, please reach out to us at

Topic Description Educator Partner Institution Days of the Week Time (EST) Zoom Link Password
La Perasha de la Semana – Parasha of the Week Class on the Weekly Perasha in Ladino and English Albert Maimon Monday 6:00PM Click Here
Learning the Sephardic Siddur Introduction to Sephardic Tefillah and Liturgy Rabbi Nissim Elnecavé Tuesday 6:00 PM Click Here
The Holocaust, the IDF, & the State of Israel Sephardic Rabbinic Perspectives Rabbi Daniel Bouskila Sephardic Educational Center (SEC) Tuesday 8:00 PM Click Here
How to Run your Sephardic Passover Running a Seder, Cleaning the House, and More on a Sephardic Pesah Rabbi Daniel Hadar Temple Moses Tuesday, Thursday 7:45 PM Click Here
The Beauty of Sephardic Life Sephardic Holiday Customs, Traditions, and Ladino Albert Maimon Wednesday 6:00 PM Click Here
Coca en la Boca – A SAC Tradition Sephardic Adventure Camp (SAC) Riddles, Djoha Stories, Ladino Refranes, puzzles, and more Haham Aryeh Greenberg Sephardic Adventure Camp Wednesday 7:30 PM Click Here
A Ladino Language Course for Beginners A 5 Week Series to Learn the Basics of Ladino Dr. Bryan Kirschen Monday 8:00PM Click Here
A Passover Pick-Me-Up Learning Some New Sephardic Passover Recipies Susan Barocas Sunday April 12 4:00PM Click Here
Passing Along Family Traditions An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Sephardic Customs Dr. Andrea Werner Thursday 8:00PM Click Here
Learning the Me’am Lo’ez Advanced Ladino Language & Torah Course Dr. Eliezer Papo Sunday 10:00AM Click Here 781170
Sefer Shmuel – the Book of Samuel Learning the Tanakh Text of Samuel Rabbi Ben Hassan Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation Thursday 3:00PM Click Here
Pademics in Halakha Rabbinic and Torah sources in times of health crisis Rabbi Ben Hassan Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation Monday 7:00PM Click Here