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Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County
Sep. 2023 Aug. 2024
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Sheila Cohen Pozensky
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(561) 966-9552,

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The Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County Inc. is incorporated in Florida and is a Federal tax exempt, 501-(c) (3) non-profit organization. Membership donations are tax deductible.

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About the ADJLC: The Adult Jewish Learning Collaborative includes participation by 4 Temples – Torat Emet. Shaarei Shalom. Beth Tikvah, and Beth Kodesh. The Collaborative provides a wide variety of classes, lectures and special programs. Most related to Jewish Learning, i.e. Hebrew, religious study, current events, Jewish history, culture, and Judaic creative arts. You can view all their offerings, schedule, and member benefits, at

If you cannot view the online info, printed versions of the ADJLC brochure will be available upon request.

And check out our newest partner, the Sandler Center at the Adolph & Rose JCC this year for our film series: