Ladino Tuesdays at Temple Torat Emet (TTE)
8600 S. Jog Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33472

Viva Ladino
Ladino Language Study Group at 1:00pm    TTE SOCIAL HALL
Facilitated by Robert Altabet, Dianne Mortensen and Junellen Schleifer
A fun classroom-setting activity using a variety of instructional and cultural resources to gain or improve skills in reading, writing and speaking the Ladino language. Knowledge of Spanish helpful.
Presented In-Person and Via Zoom. RSVP details to follow.
2021: Dec. 7, 14, 28 2022: Jan. 4, 11, 25; Feb. 1,15, 22; Mar. 1, 8, 15

Echar Lashon
A Ladino Speakers’ Club
Meet and Greet with Ladino-Speaking Friends
Facilitated by Jake Kohenak with Special Zoom Guests
“Las kantikas i las kwentas tienen mas hohma ke alguno otro derasha”
(Songs and stories have more wisdom than any other speech)
— Yaakov b. Yakar, maestro de Rashi

Immerse yourself in the language of the Sephardim. This is a social and cultural gathering for new and native Ladino speakers who meet in friendship to encourage the continuance of this expressive language. Special Zoom Guests are all internationally noted Sephardic culture specialists and advocates.

Eschar Lashon 2021-22 Flyer
Presented In-Person and Via Zoom.
$2 Donation for coffee and cake. Zoom donations accepted.
RSVP: (561) 301-0119
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Live Tuesdays at Temple Torat Emet 1:00pm (ET)
8600 S. Jog Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33472

2021: Oct. 19 Dr. Judith Cohen, Nov. 16 Hazzan Ramon Tasat, Dec. 21 Albert Maimon
2022: Jan. 18 Jane Mushabac, Mar. 22 Daisy Braverman

October 19, 2021 Special Zoom Guest
Dr. Judith Cohen
Canadian ethnomusicologist and singer, Dr. Judith Cohen is known for her work in Sephardic music and related traditions. Her performance and workshop repertoire
include village songs of Spain and Portugal; narrative ballads and stories in English and pan-European traditions; Balkan singing, songs of French Canada; Yiddish and music of Medieval Europe. She has spent many years researching music in the lives of Portuguese Crypto-Jews who maintained their identity through the centuries. Some of her special interests include: demystifying Sephardic Songs; women’s role in Sephardic songs; Sephardic songs for Jewish life and calendar cycles and traditional Sephardic romances.
Dr. Cohen’s presentation is sure to delight and encourage lots of discussion and memories!
For In Person Attendance:
RSVP – (561) 301-0119 –
Note, no suggested donation, since the venue will not currently allow coffee and cake.

November 16, 2021 Special Zoom Guest

Hazzan Dr. Ramón Tasat
Hazzan Tasat is the Cantor of Shirat HaNefesh (Song of the Soul), an emerging Jewish congregation in southern Montgomery County, MD. He is also the president of Shalshelet: The Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical Music.
In addition, he is the musical Director of Kolot HaLev, a Jewish Community choir in the Greater Washington area.
Born in Buenos Aires, Ramón learned Ladino, the language of the Sephardic people, at his grandmother’s knee; his style reflects the rich history and drama of this extraordinary culture.
Trained in five different countries, he received a doctorate in voice performance from the University of Texas at Austin. His doctoral dissertation is entitled “The Cantillations and Religious Poems of the Jews of Tangier, Morocco.”
For In Person Attendance:
RSVP – (561) 301-0119

December 21, 2021, Special Zoom Guest
Albert S Maimon
Al Maimon was born and raised in Seattle, into the Sephardic community. He has been active in the larger Jewish community in many ways here, in New York, Israel, and elsewhere. His Jewish education, formal and informal, encompasses many aspects of Judaism, Jewish history, traditions, and culture, emphasizing the Sephardic experience. He is a very active participant in Jewish communal life and is dedicated to learning, in every way. He has been married to Jean for 54 years, and their children and grandchildren live in Seattle and Israel.
For In Person Attendance:
RSVP – (561) 301-0119

January 18, 2022, Special Zoom Guest

Dr. Jane Mushabac

Jane Mushabac is the author of books, short stories, and essays. Several of her works of fiction,  written with the pen name of Shalach Manot, explore the world of Sephardic Jews Her many awards include fellowships from the NEH and Mellon Foundation and an international fiction contest award for her novel, His Hundred Years, A Tale by Shalach Manot. A short play she co-wrote in Ladino premiered at the virtual 2021 New York Ladino Day. The short story she wrote in Ladino, “Pasha: Pensamientos de David Aroughetti” appeared in her English translation in a recent issue of AJS: Perspectives. Her NPR radio play, Mazal Bueno: A Portrait in Song of the Spanish Jews, is available on CD. Her novel, His Hundred Years, A Tale by Shalach Manot, is available on Amazon

For In Person Attendance:
RSVP – (561) 301-0119

March 22, 2022, Special Zoom Guest

Dr. Daisy Sadaka Braverman

Daisy is a lecturer in Judeo-Spanish and holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University. She has research interests that include Judeo-Spanish, Language Contact, General Linguistics, and Turkish Language and Literature. She was born and raised in Turkey

She is an experienced teacher who has taught Ladino to larger groups in New York City synagogues and other establishments before. She offers in her classes some background not just on Sephardic culture but also on Ottoman history. In addition, she covers the contrast between Ladino and Castilian Spanish.

For In Person Attendance:
RSVP – (561) 301-0119