5782 — 2021-2022 Season

October 2021- April 2022

We look forward to seeing you!
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Unless noted, all regular activities will be presented at Temple Shaarei Shalom:
Temple Shaarei Shalom (TSS), 9085 Hagen Ranch Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33472
Reservations will be required for all events to ensure adequate seating and refreshments.Please follow the reservation requirements included in flyers and invitations for each event.Thank you for your cooperation as we endeavor to make each event as pleasant as possible for all.
Our events are designed to further our mission of providing educational and social activities which help preserve Sephardic culture and the Ladino language.

Featured Event – for International Ladino Day

~ Sunday, February 13, 2022- 3:00pm

“Siempre Ladino-Ladino Forever” Susana Behar
South Florida/International Ladino Day Concert  TSS TEMPLE SANCTUARY
Exciting presentation of Judeo-Spanish music interpreted by renown performer and Federation member Susana Behar accompanied by outstanding musicians and dancing. Inspired by her album Tapiz and her Ladino studies, her program includes songs from Andalusia to the Balkans. Don’t miss Susana’s extraordinary and moving renditions of traditional and new Ladino songs.

This event is sponsored in memory of Albert & Doris Altabet and Sarah & Leon (Yehudah) Saltiel.
$25/Members $30/Guests Includes coffee and dessert post-concert reception.
RSVP and more details to follow.
Click here for Zoom Registration: 2/13/22 Vijita with Susana Behar

~ Sunday, December 5, 2021, 12:00 Noon 
28th Annual Luncheon at RAFINA GREEK TAVERNA

This special festivity includes our Annual Hanukah Party and Board Installation.
With international musical performer Thierry Khalfa. This year we return to the beautiful RAFINA Greek Taverna, 6877 SW 18th St., Boca Raton, FL 33433.

$40 /Members $45 /Guests. Invitations & details to follow.


~ Sunday, April 3, 2022, 3:00 pm      TSS TEMPLE SOCIAL HALL

Sarajevo Agadah
Sarajevo Agadah

“Model Seder en Ladino” $15/Members $20/Guests
This Passover event has become a treasured tradition …. Save the Date!


-“Vijita de Alhad” Sunday Visits

Our Vijitas combine an educational presentation with social time and Sephardic style refreshments.
RSVP and Zoom info will be provided one month prior to each event.

~ Sunday, October 24, 2021- 3:00pm

“Our Sephardic Experience” Rabbi Nissim Elnecave       TSS Room 110-114
Our First In-Person Event since Feb. 2020 come together for a sweet social reunion!!
Rabbi Elnecave is now in South Florida with involvement with the Temple Moses Sephardic Congregation and with our own organization, the Sephardi Federation of PBC. He previously served as  Executive Director of The Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America, La Ermandad Sefaradi,  focusing on collaboration with Sephardic communities across the country. His background as a Mexican-born descendant of a Ladino speaking Ottoman-Turkish family served him well as Rabbi for Mikdash Eliyahu in Brooklyn and consultant for Yeshiva University. He will share personal stories and exciting updates on Sephardic Education Projects across the globe.
$10/Members $12/Guests Includes coffee and Sephardic refreshments. RSVP: administrador@sephardifederationpbc.org (561) 301-0119

~ Sunday, November 14, 2021-3:00pm

“The Monastir Project” Sarah Aroeste via Zoom              TSS ROOM 110-114
We are proud to have been included as an organizational sponsor for Sarah Aroeste’s Monastir Project. What began as an idea to collect and record songs from her family’s roots in Bitola became an international initiative to build awareness of the lost Jewish community’s history, honor its memory and restore an ancient cemetery. She will give us a personal update on her project’s progress as well as some live performances of songs from her album whose making involved over 30 musicians, 5 countries, 10 tracks, and 3 languages coming together to celebrate the once-flourishing Sephardic community of Monastir.
$12/Members $15/Guests Includes coffee and Sephardic refreshments.
($10 suggested Zoom donation) RSVP details to follow.

~ Sunday,January 16, 2022-3:00pm

“Jews of Izmir” Dina Danon via Zoom   TSS TEMPLE SANCTUARY

Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies and History at Binghamton University/NY, Dina Danon shares insights from her new book. Using previously untapped Ladino archival material, Prof. Danon presents a new view on this often overlooked Sephardi community, which was a major center of Jewish life for over 400 years in the exotic Ottoman port city of Izmir. $12/Members $15/Guests Includes coffee and dessert post-concert program
($10 suggested Zoom donation) RSVP details to follow.

Reservations will be required for most events to ensure adequate seating and refreshments.

Please follow the reservation requirements included in flyers and invitations that follow for each event.

Thank you for your cooperation as we endeavor to make each event as pleasant as possible for all.


~ Monday, February 28, 2021 – 2:00pm-4:00pm                        TSS Temple Sanctuary
“When the Torah Spoke in Spanish” with Robert Altabet
Meam Loez; The first Torah Commentary in a vernacular.

This Torah Anthology was initiated in Ladino in 1730 with the launch of commentary on Bereishit-Genesis by Isaac Kuli. Ultimately, the entire Torah was completed according to Kuli’s plan over the 50 years following his death. This became a staple in every Sephardic Synagogue in the Ottoman Empire. In the 1960s it was translated into Hebrew and English. While it is an anthology of virtually every commentator on each verse and section, it also contains original insights by each of the 5 authors. Lecture will include historical context that prompted this popular work and will explore some of the Torah insights by the authors and by some of the lesser-known sources. RSVP details to follow.


“Viva Ladino” Ladino Language Study Group      TTe Social Hall

Facilitated by Robert Altabet and Dianne Mortensen
A fun classroom-setting activity using a variety of instructional and cultural resources to gain or improve skills in reading, writing and speaking the Ladino language. Knowledge of Spanish helpful.
Presented In-Person and Via Zoom. RSVP details to follow.
2021: Dec. 7, 14, 28; 2022: Jan. 4, 11, 25; Feb. 1,15, 22; Mar. 1, 8, 15


“Echar Lashon” Ladino Speakers’ Club  TTE Social Hall

Immerse yourself in the language of the Sephardim. This is a social and cultural gathering for new and native Ladino speakers who meet in friendship to encourage the continuance of this expressive language. Special Zoom Guests are all internationally noted Sephardic culture specialists and advocates.

Meet and Greet with Ladino-Speaking Friends
Facilitated by Jake Kohenak with Special Zoom Guests

Presented In-Person and Via Zoom.
$2 Donation for coffee and cake. Zoom donations accepted.
RSVP: administrador@sephardifederationpbc.org (561) 301-0119
“Las kantikas i las kwentas tienen mas hohma ke alguno otro derasha”
(Songs and stories have more wisdom than any other speech)
— Yaakov b. Yakar, maestro de Rashi
Live Tuesdays at Temple Torat Emet 1:00pm (ET)
8600 S. Jog Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33472

2021: Oct. 19 Dr. Judith Cohen, Nov. 16 Hazzan Ramon Tasat, Dec. 21 Albert Maimon
2022: Jan. 18 Jane Mushabac, Mar. 22 Daisy Braverman


Wednesday at 12:00 Noon

Sarajevo Agadah

~ April 1, 2020: “Model Seder en Ladino”

ROOM #110-114

$12/Members  $15/Guests

This Passover event has become a treasured tradition. Save the Date!



“Fascinating Sephardic Communities: A Film Series”

FREE to members of the ADJLC and the Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County
Meeting in the Temple Shaarei Shalom Sanctuary. Please note – no refreshments.
Back by popular demand, this film series examines the places in the world where wandering communities of Sephardic Jewry took root. Discussion about the films spans the broadest understanding of what constitutes Sephardic and Mizrahi culture. Each film viewing will be preceded by a short introduction and followed by a question and answer period, as time allows. Presented by Rose Pappo Allen and Robert Altabet

Go to the Film Series Tab or Click here ==>Film Series Tab for more information and movie trailers.